IvyMaker 是哈佛和 MIT 科技企业高管背景校友创立,全方位支持科技工程方向、商科经管方向同学课外活动的深度和资质,不断提高专业方向上的优势以技术实力从小学一直带到高中、直到打全国和世界最高规格的科创比赛和商赛,各阶段无缝连接,为 5-19 岁打造前线国际化科创社区,以 “能带出国际专业极客社区的高影响力项目” 和 “能打比赛 “、“能出名校” 的硬核成绩出名。

IvyMaker are a crew of professional geeks,hackers、designers、makers, and kids-at-heart, with collective passion for inspiring the youth to excel in their creativity via technology, fueled by our own curiosity and enthusiasm for the young technovators.  We are also many major stem-steam challenges and business competitions’ best performance record keeper for China Region.